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Whether you’re going three towns away or four blocks over, moving homes takes a lot of back-breaking and time-consuming work. It can be exhausting work packing up all your valuable items and taking everything you own to a new location that will become your new home. It is an exciting time when you are able to move into a new phase of life that requires a transition to a new home. You get to house hunt and go shopping to pick out things to decorate your new home with. This should be a time for you to celebrate with those you love. It should not be a time for worry or extra stress. We are here for you and all your moving needs so let us take care of you and your home during this new phase of life.

Let us take care of your move! 

There are a number of reasons we move, yet the actual moving part can be difficult, overwhelming and, let’s be honest, just plain miserable. Whatever the reason for your move, you need movers you can trust. Have confidence in knowing you hired the professionals at Rescue 1 Movers to handle your homegoods and valuables during this exciting time in your life. This is a time for you to be enjoying the better things in life like making memories with your loved ones, or focusing on things that are requiring more attention like your job. Leave the difficult and boring parts to us. Home is where the heart is. The place where you make memories, relax after a hard day’s work, and house the things you hold dearest to you. Rescue 1 Movers is here to help preserve those things you love and cherish by handling your belongings with respect and care on moving day.

No matter the size or square footage of your home, if you’re downsizing or moving to a larger home, we work to do whatever it takes to accommodate your needs. Our professional movers are highly skilled in protecting your belongings and handling them with dignity and care during your move. We provide clean, reliable transportation for your possessions as well as moving gear that will assist us.

Our process includes three parts:

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We first must get an idea of what is being moved, the process and order in which we will be moving it, and any items that may require special care or attention.


After we have mapped out a plan, we will begin taking action and moving your possessions to our sanitary trailer for transport using our protective moving gear

The Move

Once we arrive at the new location, we will repeat the walkthrough process to decide where your belongings will fit best then we will begin moving them into your new home.

Residential moves in Amarillo and surrounding areas! 

If you’re located in Amarillo, Canyon or any of the surrounding areas, we would be thrilled to assist you during your transition. Where are you located? Contact us for more information on the areas we serve.

Here at Rescue 1, we know how important a home is. It’s the place you raise your children and build your family. It’s the place you display all your prized possessions to show off. It’s the place you can truly express yourself and be who you want to be. That is why we work relentlessly to provide excellent service and contribute to a stress-free move.

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Rescue 1 goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and give a swift and stress-free move. Through hard work and dedication to our customers, we have gained the trust of our community.